Bamboo and Cork: Pet-Friendly Flooring Options

A lot of homeowners consider their cats and dogs as family. Hence, they are part of the decision-making process when buying a new flooring. This decision is even more critical as their pets will undoubtedly cause more wear and tear (scratches, stains, dirt) over time.

Keep in mind that when looking for pet-friendly flooring options, no matter what option you decide on, make sure that it is resistant to scratches and damages, and of course comfortable to your family and pets.

Now, let us check the types of flooring that are pet-friendly.


Bamboo is great for homes with pets, for many different reasons. It has the natural hardness that makes it more smudge- and scratch-resistant. It’s tougher, meaning it will endure up to more traffic. Plus, it’s completely renewable. So it makes a good choice for those who are aspiring to be green. It is smudge resistant, so people don’t have to worry about collisions or spills. Due to bamboo’s hardness, repairs are minimal, it will save you money.


Cork is an anti-microbial type of flooring that decreases the growth of molds and other allergens. It is also scratch resistant and is excellent sound absorption option. Also, cork flooring is warm and pliable making it comfortable to walk upon and can endure foot traffic very well. It is adaptable to claws caused by your beloved pets. It is adaptable to claws due to its general resilient nature, very beneficial both for you and your pet!

Keeping you pet-friendly flooring clean

Whether you choose Bamboo or Cork for your flooring, keeping it clean is very important. Pets leave dirt, hair, dander, and debris inside your home.

Follow these tips to help keep your floors clean.
  1. Weekly schedule to vacuum and sweep.
  2. On a regular basis, mop the hard surfaces.
  3. Immediately clean up accidents such as pet urine. Make sure to use a special pet product to neutralize it.
  4. To prevent spills, place a mat under food and water bowls.

Keep your floors in good shape, even with pets with regular routine maintenance!

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